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Brisida Titka

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy - Med/36


Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at University Our Lady of Good Counsel, in Tirana, Albania and specialized in Nuclear Medicine at Tor Vergata University, with a specialist thesis conducted in Milan, at IRCCS San Raffaele.

She has worked with the innovative hybrid imaging technique of PET/MRI with various radiotracers such as 11C-Choline, 11C-Methionine, 68Ga-DOTATOC and 18F-FDG. She has actively participated in various research projects related to PET/MRI, with greater interest for the female gynecological tumors, neuroendocrine tumors and brain tumors.

She currently works at ARS Medica Clinic and Guidonia Radiology Clinic, as a Nuclear Medicine Physician.

She is a member of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine and of the European Association for Nuclear Medicine.