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Alessandro Stefani

Neurology - MED/26


Professor Stefani is Medical Doctor since 1984 (University of Rome La Sapienza), Medical Military Officer from 1986 to 1987; Certified Neurologist since 1988; Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Tennessee, 1988-89; Assistant Professor, Università La Sapienza, since 1991; Researcher (tenure tract), University Tor vergata since 2001; Associate Professor, since 2002.

Eligible to Full Professorship since 2014, he was in charge of Dementia Services, Policlinico Tor Vergata from 1999 to 2007/8.

Director of Parkinson’s Centre, Fondazione Policlinico Tor Vergata, since 2009.

Responsible experimental PDTA (hospital/metropolitan area 260,000 citizens) for prevention and monitoring of extrapyramidal syndromes).

Prof Stefani plays a leading role in different neuroscience fields. Amongst his specific fields is to remark the clinical and functional follow-up of Parkinsonian patients submitted to deep brain stimulation, the electrophysiological and pharmacological counterparts of animal’s models of Parkinson (in vivo; in vitro; pach-clamp), the experience on CSF biomarkers of neurodegenerative CNS diseases, as well as his involvement in numerous trials (from stage II to stage IV)

Registered in the following societies: Society for Neuroscience (US); IBAGS; Limpe; Società Italiana di Neurologia.

He is author of about 200 papers internationally reviewed (H factor = 44).