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Michele Papa

Human Anatomy - Bio/16


Prof. Michele Papa is a full professor of Human Anatomy at the University of Campania – Luigi Vanvitelli-. Graduated in medicine and surgery summa cum laude, he founded and directs the Laboratory of Morphology of Neuronal Networks. He studied the mechanisms of neuronal plasticity in the processes of development and maturation of brain circuits. He contributed to define the role of central nervous system elements in the structure of the tri- and tetrapartite synapse and the mechanisms underlying “maladaptive plasticity” in neurodegenerative mechanisms. A promoter of the use of System Biology, for the study of CNS pathologies in vivo and in vitro models, he is a member of the Joint Research Unit of ISBE – “Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe”. Since 2007 he has carried out studies using fMRI and DTI techniques on disturbances of consciousness in patients who have emerged from a coma. He also used neuroimaging techniques to study human behavioral disorders. For these studies, he has received both public and private funding. He has carried out the teaching activity of human morphology in the degree courses in medicine and surgery, in Italian and English, in dentistry, in the health professions, in education science, motor science, in various Italian universities. He has taught courses at the Complutense University of Madrid – Spain and Ariel University – Israel. As of 01 2021, the bibliometrics parameters are WOS: PUBLICATIONS 107, H-INDEX 31; Scopus: Documents: 80, h-index: 30.