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Jekaterina Nikitina

Scientific English - L-Lin/12


Jekaterina Nikitina has a PhD degree in “Linguistic, literary and intercultural studies in European and extra-European perspectives”, received in 2017 from the University of Milan. Currently, she holds a fixed-term research position at the Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus, Rome), where she lectures in Scientific English.

Her academic interests include specialised discourse and translation studies, with a particular insight into specialised phraseology and its translation in the legal and bioethical contexts. Her recent research revolves around LSP theories and applications, knowledge dissemination dynamics, legal discourse, discourse of healthcare, medicine and bioethics, with application of qualitative and quantitative, specifically corpus linguistics, analytical approaches.

Her published academic work includes publications on legal translation, dissemination of bioethical knowledge, popularisation of scientific topics through a range of channels, with a focus on medically assisted procreation and gene editing.

She has also acted as a freelance conference interpreter (registered with AITI) at a number of medical conferences.

Researcher at UniCamillus.