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Matteo Micucci

Food Chemistry - CHIM/10


Co-author of 46 publications in international, peer reviewed journals.

41 participations in national and international conferences, often as invited speaker, chairman or organizing commitee member Reviewer di importanti riviste internazionali quali Molecules, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Antioxidants

His Research is focused on the identification of structure-activity relationships of pharmaceutical molecules using ex vivo biological assays.

This approach allows

  • to identify the activities of organic molecules
  • to identify possible off-target activities
  • to identify potential toxic effects

His research is aimed at identifyng molecules with potential applications in cardiovascular diseases.

He exerts researches also in the field on neurodegeneration and gastrointestinal disorders, using in vitro and in vivo experimental models.

His research activity has been mainly focused, in the last 10 years, on food chemistry and nutraceuticals.

He has collaborations with professors and researchers from many parts of the world, with whom he made scientific publications in international journals and he has a network of colleagues from many continents.

He is often present on TV, on newspapers and on social networks