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Marco Maria Lirici

Chest Surgery - Med/21


Graduated magna cum laude at Rome La Sapienza University Medical School, residency program in Digestive and General Surgery and national board certification in Surgery by the end of 80s. Alexander von Humboldt research scholarship in 1991, ACS International Research Scholarship in 1995. PhD in minimal invasive surgery. Research and clinical fellowships at Minimal Invasive Chirurgie-Abt. Allgemeine Chirurgie-Universitaet Tuebingen (with Prof. Gerhard Buess) in 1991-92. Stage at Dpt. of Surgery-Ninewells Hospital and Medical School (with Prof. Sir Alfred Cuschieri) in 1992 and 1993. Stage and research at the Departments of Surgery of Emory University-Atlanta (with John Hunter), University of California-San Diego (with A.R. Moossa), University of Southern California-Los Angeles (with Tom DeMeester), University of Washington-Seattle (with Carlos Pellegrini) in 1995. Assistant Professor of Surgery at La Sapienza University School of Medicine since 1988. Clinical appointment at Dpt. of Thoracic Surgery-National Cancer Institute-Milan (Head Prof. Cristiano Hüscher) 1997. Staff Surgeon Dpt. of Surgery-San Giovanny Hospital Complex-Rome (Head Prof. Cristiano Hüscher) 1998-2004. Former Head Dpt. General and Thoracic Surgery BMM Hospital-Reggio Calabria 2005-2010. Former Head Dpt. of General and Thoracic Surgery Sacro Cuore Hospital-Negrar Verona 2012-2013. Highly Specialized position and special assignment in Minimal Invasive Surgery at Dpt. of Surgery-San Giovanni Hospital Complex Rome, present. Within this appointment performs all major minimal invasive surgeries for cancer and in obese patients since 2013 and runs the bariatric surgery outpatient clinics since 2017. Appointed Professor of Chest Surgery at Saint Camillus University of Health Sciences Medical School in 2020.

Around 15,000 operations performed including over 2,500 major minimal invasive procedures (laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, transanal). 306 published works, including research and clinical articles, chapters in textbooks and lectures. Over 175 lectures in national and international meetings and congresses and 75 surgical videos some of them prize winner and/or included in the ACS videolibrary. During the years working as an academic surgeon at La Sapienza University run research projects funded with over 1,750,000 Euros by the European Commission, the Italian National Research Council and private companies. Among the appointments in Scientific Societies and Medical Journals: Fellow of the American College of Surgeons-ACS, Fellow of SIC-Società Italiana di Chirurgia, Fellow of ACOI, Fellow of SICOB.  Associate Editor of MITAT-Minimal Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies, Scientific and General Secretary 6th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, President of SICE Società Italiana di Chirurgia Endoscopica National Congress 2007, President 1st International Forum on Single Site Laparoscopy “The Triple S Symposium”  2010, former Chairman of the EAES – European Association for Endoscopic Surgery  Technology Committee, former member of the EAES Executive Board, former President of SMIT Society for Medical Innovation and Technologies, former Vice-President of SICE.