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Fabio Fiano

Business Economics - Secs-P/07


Fabio Fiano received a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Second University of Naples, Italy. He graduated from Second University of Naples with a bachelor’s in Business Administration; he also holds a Master’s degree in Management Control and Information Systems from the University of Naples Parthenope, Italy.

Formerly Professor of Tourism Management and Territorial Marketing, Business Creation, Corporate Strategy & Governance, Project Financing, Digital Technologies for Business, Healthcare Management, Innovation Management, Strategic Management.

His editorial engagement regards the membership of the Editorial Advisory Board and the activities of Ad hoc Reviewer for numerous international journals.

He has published articles on prestigious journals (including Small Business Economics, Management Decision, Journal of Knowledge Management, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Business Process Management Journal, British Food Journal, Journal of Intellectual Capital, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business, International Marketing Review) as well as in international conference proceedings on the following topics: Innovation, Corporate Governance, Knowledge Management, Bankruptcy Prediction Models, Big Data, Industry 4.0, International Business.