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Mariapia Dadò

Obstetrical Gynecological Nursing Sciences - Med/07


Graduated with Honours in Midwifery at Tor Vergata University in Rome in 2016. After her graduation she worked two years in Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome and then she moved to Dublin in 2018, where she still lives and wokrs. 

In 2018 she started working as a Staff Midwife in the Coombe Hospital in the maternity wards and in the delivery suite and she also started a Postgraduate Degree in MSc. Midwifery Practice and Leadership. During her Postgrad she worked on her research project “Women Experiences of Water Immersion During Childbirth in a Hospital Setting in Ireland” which was published on the Midwifery Journal in February 2022. This gave her the possibility to partecipate as a spearker to a numbers of International Conferences across the world and Europe.

At present she works as Clinical Midwife Manager II, Clinical Skills Facilitator in Delivery Suite in the Coombe Hospital, where she is reponsable of leading registered midwives at all grades in the enhancement of midiwfery skills, assisting the staff in implementing best pracgtice guidelines, leading the formulation of new policies and facilitating training and study days for staff.

She also collaborates with recruitment agencies for the recrtuiment of midwives and nurses for UK, Ireland and Germany.