• cinzia.crinella@unicamillus.org

Cinzia Crinella

Professor of Scientific English in the following Courses:
-Biomedical Laboratory Techniques Degree
-Midwifery Degree


Language expert.
Current position: teacher of English as a foreign language at Unicamillus University, Rome.
Previous position: teacher of Medical English at the Faculty of the Medical School, University Tor Vergata, Rome (2000-2018).
Curriculum vitae: La Sapienza University, Political Sciences degree, French and English specialization languages. Phonetics, Psicolinguistics and Language teaching studies. DALF and ELF language certifications. Translator and researcher in Canadian Academy (Rome), Teacher of English and French in Ministero delle Politiche Agricole e Forestali, all-levels -English tutor in Zetema (cooperation with Comune di Roma), historical tests translator for the Political studies Department La Sapienza University.