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Almerinda di Venere

Biophysics - Bio/09


Born: September 1, 1970, Rome, Italy

Education and Academic Position

1995-M.S. University Degree in Physics, Rome Tor Vergata
2000-PhD in Biology and Physiopathology of Epithelium, Rome Tor Vergata
2002 Full Researcher in Biochemistry, “Tor Vergata” University, Rome.
Academic qualifications
National scientific qualification in:
– Applied physics (02 / D1) Associate Professor Level
– Biochemistry (05 / E1) Associate Professor Level

Scientific activity

Protein structure to function relationship:
a. conformational stability studies of proteins by equilibrium unfolding measurements;
b. kinetic measurements of the folding/unfolding process of metal containing proteins;
c. structural and functional behaviour of monomeric and oligomeric enzymes under high pressure condition.
Spectroscopic techniques:
A. She has a very good knowledge of fluorescence dynamics (both in phase and time-resolved techniques), circular dichroism and rotational dynamics measurements of proteins in solution.
She is author of about 45 scientific publications (IF 115, Hindex=14) in the fields of optical spectroscopy of biological molecules, fluorescence instrumentation and biomaterials.