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Alessia Cabrini

Technical Sciences of Laboratory Medicine - Med/46


Graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Techniques and in Health Sciences Professions Diagnostic Techniques, respectively at the University of Bologna “Alma Mater Studiorum” and the University of Padua.
She obtained further post-graduate specializations with 1st Level Specialized Masters in “Management and Coordination Functions of Health Professions”, and 2nd Level in “Health Management and Management of Complex Structures” and in “Leadership and Clinical Risk Management “.
The main skills are in the field of Clinical Pathology, with particular attention to Clinical Biochemistry, and to the technological development of the Laboratory’s specialized diagnostic area.
She has also developed skills in the field of Microbiology and Virology, in particular concerning molecular biology and viral amplification techniques.
Speaker, trainer and Scientific Responsible for numerous courses and conferences, she began teaching at the University of Padua in the 1st level University Master’s Degree: “The pathologist’s assistant: post-mortem, histological and molecular techniques in Anatomy Pathology and Legal Medicine “with particular reference to the microbiological and molecular part.
Author of scientific publications both in national and international medical journals and scientific publications in the form of posters at various conferences.
In 2018 she collaborated in the drafting of the ebook book: “Rethinking healthcare in the digital age” as the author of a chapter entitled “Healthcare in the territory: the role of Biomedical Laboratory Technicians” – Editor: youcanprint.it IBS.it
From 2017 she is National President of the Italian Association of Biomedical Laboratory Technicians ANTEL, which represents and protects the development of the profession in Italy.