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Ettore Squillaci

Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy - MED/36


Professor Squillaci obtained the Degree in Medicine and Surgery (1982) and the Residency in Radio-diagnostics (1986) and in Radiation Oncology (1988) with honors.

Since 15/12/88 He is Researcher in Imaging and Radiotherapy; He is currently Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedicine and Prevention.

Fellowship at the University of California, S. Francisco, and Visiting Professor at the RM Department of the New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston.

Member of the Board of Directors of the RM Study Section of SIRM (1992), the TC Study Section (1996) and the Radiation Oncology Section (2012).

Superior Council of Health Expert (2006) and member of the Fondazione Roma Sanità e Ricerca Board of Directors (2016).

He is author of 145 works. 6 books, 39 book chapters and over 300 readings at national and international conferences.