Osteopathy. UniCamillus establishes strategic partnerships with Osteopathy Schools

UniCamillus has made deals and established partnerships with some of the renowned Osteopathy Schools. The decision was taken, in light of the Government’s orientation to finalize the institution of the Degree Course in Osteopathy, in order to ensure a transition as harmonious as possible from courses taken in Schools to those put in University context. UniCamillus has always found the profession of osteopath as strategic inside health professions, from here the commitment to collaborate with who, from years, spends in high-profile training of these professional. At the moment, our partners are:

1. Accademia dello Sviluppo dell’Osteopatia e della Medicina Integrativa (ASOMI)
2. Educam Cromon srl
3. Scuola d’Eccellenza nella Formazione Osteopatica (SEFO)
4. International College of Osteopathic Manual Medicine (ICOMM)
5. Gamma Wave srl  

Understands the high attention toward the implementation of the Government’s provisions regarding the institution of the Degree Course, in order to finalize the institution at our University in short times and, of course in view of legislative dispositions that will be enacted and in their absolute respect, not to make students of our partner School miss out on the opportunity to obtain their University Degree.