First Level Online Master’s Degree

Nursing in Critical Care



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First Level Online
Academic Master’s Degree
60 CFU

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Nursing in Critical Care

The Master aims to train qualified nursing staff for the achievement of multidisciplinary skills in the critical area sector: assistance, diagnosis, clinical evaluation and therapy. An in-depth study and understanding of these factors make it possible to identify emergency situations in which the patient is in a condition of clinical instability. At the end of the course, students who have completed the training course and passed the final exam will be awarded with the title of First Level Online Master’s Degree in Nursing in Critical Care.


• Initiate intensive care responses in a timely manner;
• Identify the diagnoses and pathologies related to the critical condition of the patient;
• Identify different types of treatments to treat disorders associated with critical and emergency situations;
• Acquire self-learning skills to coordinate rescue operations on the site of the event.


The Master’s teaching will take place in e-learning mode with resources available 24/7. Didactic materials and further types of individual and group activities will be guaranteed via computer and guided by tutors who will interact with students to constantly answer their questions.

Areas of teaching

• An in-depth analysis regarding the nursing field;
• Diagnosis of pathologies in emergency situations;
• Inter-disciplinary studies
• Assistance to patients in critical areas and situations.


The Master is intended for candidates or professionals in possession of:
• Degree in Nursing awarded in accordance with the D.M. 509/99
• High School Diploma obtained by members of the Health Profession of Nursing according to Paragraph 10, Art. 1, Law n.1/2002


The cost of registration is €1200 + €50 for administrative fees to be paid in a single installment or in three installments. Discounts are provided for affiliated bodies.

*The payment of the registration fees is not subject to the application of VAT pursuant to Art. 4 DPR 633/72, as it is part of the University’s institutional training offer.

Upon payment, a note attesting the payment will be issued.

Teaching Language: Italian

Scientific Director:

Professor Fabio D’Agostino


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