Nursing in Critical Care [COD.ME2005]



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First Level Online
Academic Master’s Degree
(60 CFU)

Nursing in Critical Care

The Master aims to train qualified nursing staff for the achievement of multidisciplinary skills in the critical area sector: assistance, diagnosis, clinical evaluation and therapy. An in-depth study and understanding of these factors make it possible to identify emergency situations in which the patient is in a condition of clinical instability. At the end of the course, students who have completed the training course and passed the final exam will be awarded with the title of First Level Online Master’s Degree in Nursing in Critical Care.


• Initiate intensive care responses in a timely manner;
• Identify the diagnoses and pathologies related to the critical condition of the patient;
• Identify different types of treatments to treat disorders associated with critical and emergency situations;
• Acquire self-learning skills to coordinate rescue operations on the site of the event.


The Nursing in Critical Care Master’s teaching will take place in e-learning mode with resources available 24/7. Handouts, bibliographical sources, self-assessment multiple-choice questionnaires will be available for students.
At the end of each class students will sit an online exam and then attend the next class.
University Training Credits (CFU) will be obtained with the final examination, as proof of the acquired skills during the lessons’ attendance and the discussion of a dissertation.
The course includes a compulsory internship in healthcare facilities affiliated.
The University reserves the right to let students do the internship during their working hours, if the students already work in the healthcare facility where they are interning. In this case the job must be related to the training objectives of the Master and, by agreement of the healthcare facility, students just need to produce an internship certificate.

Areas of teaching

The objective of the module is to develop skills to be applied in the field of professional ethics and occupational and legal medicine, associated with the nursing practice.

The objective of the module is to develop skills to be used in the field of first aid nursing assistance under the possible different scenarios of intervention.

The objective of the module is to develop skills and abilities in the field of nursing assistance provided to patients in a critical conditions in ICU.

The objective of the module is to develop skills and abilities in the field of nursing care provided to patients with specialized critical conditions in the various specialist intensive care settings.

The objective of the module is to develop skills and abilities in the context of an effective and efficient relationship building between nurses and patients in critical conditions.


The Online Master in Nursing in Critical Care is intended for candidates or professionals in possession of:
• Degree in Nursing awarded in accordance with the D.M. 509/99;
• High School Diploma obtained by members of the Health Profession of Nursing according to Paragraph 10, Art. 1, Law n.1/2002;

Candidates in possession of the following academic title can apply too:
• Equivalent qualifications to those mentioned above awarded in accordance with the past Law 1/2002 and in possession of the High School Diploma;
• Qualifications obtained abroad with the same length and study plan of those mentioned above.

The University reserves the right to admit candidates in possession of different qualifications, but related to the training course of the Master.

Registration Details

First, click on the web page Master Inscription, fill in the blank spaces with the Fiscal Code and the captcha code shown: then, click on “new inscription” and fill out the inscription form.
In order to finalize the application, students have to attach the following documents:
A) Degree Course Diploma or legalized copy of it or, on an interim basis, a self-declaration;
B) candidates who achieved a degree course abroad must attach, under penalty of exclusion, the original official Italian translation and the Declaration of Value issued by an Italian Embassy or General Consulate of the State issuing the title;
C) copy of a valid Identity Document;
D) copy of the Fiscal Code;
E) copy of the Privacy Policy pursuant to EU Regulation n.2016/679 about the “protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data”, to be downloaded from the web site;
F) proof of payment of the annual tuition/1st installment in addition to the €50 with which the University will comply with the obligation of the duty stamps and all the other obligations provided by law. Please, find here below the IBAN for the wire transfer: IT17 T056 9603 2000 0001 3317 X38
Please, specify your name, last name and Course Code “ME2005” in the bank transfer. Inscriptions with incomplete documentation or wrong information on the form are not accepted.


The cost of registration to the First Level Online Master in Nursing in Critical Care is €1500 + €50 for administrative fees.
Note: UniCamillus, considering the Covid-19 emergency, has decided to provide for every Master student a discount.
The total amount during the Covid emergency is €1000*+€50 for administrative fees to be paid in a single installment or in three installments as follows:
First Installment: €400+€50 for administrative fees at the inscription;
Second Installment: €400 by the end of the first month of lessons;
Third Installment: €200 by the end of the second month of lessons.

Additional discounts are provided for affiliated bodies.

*Should the candidate not meet the deadline for the payment, s/he will not access his/her personal area and proceed with the lessons’ attendance, self-assessment questionnaires and exams.
*The payment of the tuition fee is not subjected to V.A.T. pursuant to the Art.4 DPR 633/72, as it is included in the academic training course offered by the University. Once the payment is made, a document attesting it will be issued.

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