Notice for Students

Professional Master Programs and Courses

UniCamillus First and Second level Professional Masters and Medical High Specialization Courses UniCamillus divides the teaching proposal of First and Second level Professional Masters and  Specialization Courses as follows: SCIENCE: courses characterized by a purely tecnical and scientific approach;PLUS: courses characterized by a multidisciplinary approach also containing elements and managerial and non-medical-surgical subjects;EXPERIENCE: the courses...
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Location and time of the admission test on October 31, 2020

The admission test for the new Degree Course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics will take place regularly as scheduled on Saturday October 31, 2020 at the UniCamillus University in via di Sant’Alessandro 8 in Rome. Strict measures will be ensured and applied for the safety of the candidates in compliance with current regulations. In compliance...
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Admission test on October, 3rd, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: In compliance with the (*) Anti-Covid regulations, please note that:– it is mandatory to wear the face mask to access the admission test area– each candidate will have its body temperature taken and will not be allowed to access the admission test area if the temperature will be over 37.5 °– It is mandatory to submit the Covid-19 self-declaration as edited...
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Self-declaration Covid-19

As required by the Regulations on measures to control and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, to access the UniCamillus spaces, it will be necessary to submit a self-declaration certifying that they do not have to carry out  quarantine or fiduciary isolation, or to have returned less than 14 days from the above mentioned foreign...
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Covid-19 prevention and control measures

Preventing the spread of Covid-19 depends on our behaviour! If your temperature is over 37,5°C: you must stay at home! If you have respiratory symptoms (cold, cough, etc.): you must stay at home!If you live with someone who has flu symptoms (fever, cold, cough, etc.): you must stay at home!If you have had any contact...
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