Communication regarding absences for illness and/or accident-injuries to make up the missing didactic hours – (Notice of 17th october 2019)

In case of illness and/or accident the related documentation certifying the illness and/or accident shall be issued by the family doctor (general practitioner) or by appropriate facility of the National Health Service and submitted within 48 hours from the beginning of the illness to the Academic Office of the University in a sealed envelope or by email to

Certifications submitted after the specified deadlines or in different ways from those indicated above will not be taken into account for the absence justification purposes.

The documentation will be examined by the Course Director who will grant, at his unquestionable discretion, any justification of absence from class. 

Exemption from attendance might also be granted for serious and proven impediments. The related documentation, in this case too, will be submitted to the Course Director, who will evaluate, at his own discretion, the admission of the student to the tests planned for the related Degree Course.

In both cases above mentioned, the registrar’s office shall inform the student about the outcome of said evaluation.


Registrar’s Office

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