Following the issuance of the Prime Ministerial Decree of November 3, 2020 (Article 1 letter u) we inform you that as of today November 5, 2020 the didactic activities of the courses relating to the years following the first of all the Degree Courses provided by UniCamillus University will be accessible in online mode only.
This modality will be valid until December 3, 2020,as provided for by the aforementioned Prime Ministerial Decree.
According to the regulations currently in force, students enrolled in the 1st year of the Degree Courses can continue to attend lessons in presence or online based on the preference initially communicated. 

If for any reason, those who have chosen to attend in presence occasionally found themselves in the conditions of not being able to come to the University to attend the lessons, they can take advantage of the online teaching.
Should the choice to follow in attendance change instead for prolonged and not occasional periods, the student is requested to notify the Registrar’s Office.