We remind every student that by August 31st 2021 s/he can complete the enrolment renewal procedure for the Academic Year 2021/2022.

Please follow instructions given in the attached guide to complete the procedure.


Extra EU students with scholarship: students who won an Unicamillus partial scholarship must pay the first instalment as they did at the time of enrolment, and will be totally or partially exempt from the payment of the other instalments in accordance with the amount of the scholarship awarded.

Regional tax: when completing the enrolment renewal, you must pay the regional tax directly to LazioDiSCo as stated in the link http://www.laziodisco.it/domande-frequenti/tassa-per-il-diritto-allo-studio/come-pagare-la-tassa-per-il-diritto-allo-studio/. The receipt must be uploaded in the appropriate section on the GOMP as stated in the 9th step of the attached guide.

(Students who benefit from the LazioDiSCo scholarhip must not pay the regional tax)

ISEE for Right to Higher Education reductions (within November 30th): if someone wants to submit the ISEE declaration to benefit from tuition reductions (only for EU and equivalent students), and if applicable from the Taxes and Contributions Regulation of reference, s/he must authorize the access to the INPS database in order to let UniCamillus automatically acquire your data. Said authorization must be given in the student’s portal, as specified in the guide. Please note that if you do not submit your ISEE declaration valid for the right to University education (ISEE-U) within the deadline, even if you gave the authorization on the student’s portal, the University will not find any data to acquire. In this case you will have to pay the entire annual tuition without any recalculation.

We also remind that the submission of the ISEE declaration valid for the right to University education (ISEE-U) (to the INPS or authorized CAFs) and the authorization to access the data on the student’s portal, must both be done within November 30th 2021. In order to meet this deadline, we urge to submit the ISEE-U declaration in due time, keeping in mind that the INPS requires some days to process the documentation.

The ISEE Declaration must not be sent via email or in paper copy, as they will not be taken into account.For any clarification, please contact the Registrar’s Office via email at office@unicamillus.org or via PEC/CEM (Certified E-Mail) at office.unicamillus@pec.it.