Even though the attendance recording through electronic badges has been introduced quite recently (at the beginning of this Academic Year), the Registrar’s Office has already received a consistent number of duplicate requests for new badges because they were lost.
We remind that the student is responsible to adequately keep and maintain his/her badge, at the same level of any other personal document like an ID card, a driving license, a credit card, etc. Therefore, losing a personal document should be an exceptional event.

In order to guide the students towards a more careful and responsible behavior in relation to the safekeeping of their own badge, the University administrative office has decided that the first badge will be released free of charge, while every duplicate request will have a cost of 50 euros.

The said amount will not be paid in case of:
– Badge malfunctioning because of technical problems;
– Wrong data printed on the badge;
– Submission of a theft or loss report of personal items (including the badge) to a competent authority.

The request for the duplicate must be presented by contacting the Registrar’s Office during its opening hours or at the reception.

We remind also that the badge is the electronic device by which the University detects the students’ presence; therefore, the student should always carry it with him/her.
If the badge is missing, the reception staff will be able to manually record the presence, upon request.

However, starting from December, 2nd 2019, the student will only be allowed to request the manual recording three times over the course of the whole Academic Year. After that, the reception will no longer record the presence.

Rome, 28th November 2019

The Registrar’s Office

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