The exams of September session will be taken on site and may be taken both in oral modality and in written modality.

There may be exceptions to the carrying out of exams on line only and exclusively for:

1) positive student in quarantine

2) student in precautionary quarantine due to contact with an affected by COVID-19 subject

3) student unable to move from his residence in accordance with restrictions related to the emergency (extra-EU students at the moment abroad who are completing the procedure of the entry visa in Italy)

There will not be allowed other exceptions. Students who are in the circumstances described by point 1) and 2) will have to submit appropriate documentation issued by the attending physician o other competent authority by sending an email no later than 5 days from the exam appeal date.

Educational facilities will reserve the right to evaluate the documentation provided and to give instructions regarding the on line exam completion.

We also inform you that the Decree-Law no. 111 of August the 6th, 2021 has introduced the obligation of Green Pass starting from September the 1st, 2021 in the Universities. Therefore we invite you to equip yourselves this certification in order to attend all didactic activities (classes, exams etc.)