Monkeypox, vaccination starting in Lazio

Last August 8, vaccination for Monkeypox started. Alessio D’Amato, council member for health, announced it and added: “At Spallanzani Hospital in Rome, Monkeypox vaccination administration has started. Today we are going to administer around ten doses. However, about 500 individuals have already expressed their willingness to get vaccinated.
I would like to remind everyone that vaccination rules are included in the Ministry of Health’s circular”.

Monkeypox vaccination is not mandatory. At the time being, the Ministry of Health excluded the need of a mass vaccination campaign due to Monkeypox current contagion process and velocity.

Due to the lack of currently available doses, the Ministry of Health determined that only individuals belonging to contagion risk categories can access the vaccination. These include: individuals working in laboratories and dealing with the virus and people with risky sexual behaviors (as defined by health authorities), such as “gay, transgender and bisexual individuals and men having sexual intercourses with other men.”

At the moment, 4,200 vaccine doses have been supplied in Italy. 1,200 of them were assigned to Lazio. As a matter of fact, Spallanzani Hospital in Rome is the only facility starting the vaccine administration.
In the short term, administration should start also in Lombardy (2,000 doses assigned), in Emilia-Romagna (600 doses assigned) and in Veneto (400 doses).