Monkeypox: the infection curve decreases

In Italy the recorded cases of monkeypox are 851 with only one case more than the previous survey of 30 September.

The data emerges from the surveillance system of the Ministry of Health, in the last report. Cases related to traveling outside Italy remain 236.

The median age of patients is 37 years (ranging from 14 to 71 years); 840 are men and 11 women. The region with more cases remains Lombardy (348), followed by Lazio (150) and Emilia Romagna (85). Data for all three are unchanged from the previous bulletin.

Data from the World Health Organization show that also in the rest of the world the infection curve decreases: from 1 January to 2 October 68,900 cases were recorded in 106 countries or areas of the world and 25 were deaths.

Since August the trend is decreasing: the number of new weekly cases reported globally fell by 16.8% from 26 September to 2 October with 3,045 cases compared to 3,661 of the previous week.

This trend is driven by the decrease in reported cases in Europe and the Americas.