Message from the Rector for the beginning of the new Academic Year


Dear students,

I wish to express to all of you my best wishes for the beginning of the Academic Year.

This is a key moment, at the end of the most severe phase of a pandemic that has caused hardship and sacrifices for each one of us. Even in the daily routine of the academic courses, we had to deal with distance learning, social distancing, activity suspension, classroom closures.

Not even in the worst months we have just stood and watched; we had to gear us up in order to guarantee, as far as possible, the participation in the courses and in an academic life as close as possible to the pre-Covid life, which we fervently hope to go back to experience soon.

Today, thanks also to the effects of the vaccination campaign and of a renewed attention and individual sense of responsibility, we can expect, with pride and satisfaction, that the courses of the academic year 2021/22  will be taught in the classrooms, in compliance with the provisions of the Technical Scientific Committee CTS and of the relevant Ministries and of our teaching schedules.

We will be glad to welcome you in a University different from the one you have left: you will find new classrooms, an innovative Convention Centre adjacent to the main premises, available for our teaching activities, and a brand new “Magazine” of the University, that describes the world of UniCamillus, within but also outside of the University “borders”: more specifically, the first issue will focus on the University mission in Cameroon last April, at the height of the pandemic.

I invite to take part in the on-site activities, that return to be a priority, certain that those who have no impediments will be glad to be back in the classrooms.

The access to the University premises in order to attend the courses will be given in compliance with the preventive measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 infection, that, if necessary, might also provide for shifts systems, upon reservation, available on the University platform, indispensable for attending frontal lessons. 

The professors will be teaching from the University classrooms, according to the didactic calendars of each Degree Course. A live streaming access to the lessons will be guaranteed for non-Eu students, students from countries currently under travel restrictions, students COVID-19 positive under quarantine, those in isolation, those exempt from Covid-19 vaccination and those who will submit justified reasons approved by the University didactic bodies.

Lastly, we remind you that the Legislative Decree n° 111 of August 6th 2021 (and subsequent integrations and alterations) the obligation of the Green Pass. UniCamillus, in compliance with these measures, will allow the access to the University premises only to the holders of a Green Pass. All the categories listed in the Circular of the Ministry of Health n. 35309 of August 4th 2021, available for consultation at the link enclosed, shall remain unaffected.

Again, I wish you good luck with your work, certain that after all our efforts and sacrifices of the past year, you will make the most of your academic path, and make it unique. In UniCamillus we believe that the University not only trains a professional, a scientist or, more generally, a skilled person. It is also the training ground where the members of civil society are shaped, where one learns to be part of a community. This cannot happen at home, in front of a computer screen. The interaction with professors and fellow students, face to face, is necessary. Most of our wealth of knowledge (but also of relations … and even emotions) that accompanies us for life is gathered in the classrooms and at the premises of your University.

I wish you a successful start of the Academic Year.

Gianni Profita