Message from Professor Ranieri Guerra to the Academic Community

Dear Students, Dear Colleagues,

in these days of incessant turmoil but also of unshakable hope, with great pleasure I share the message that Prof. Ranieri Guerra, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organisation – and currently also active as member of the Technical Scientific Committee of the Italian Government for the management of the Coronavirus emergency – has addressed to UniCamillus community.
Prof. Ranieri Guerra, new “Coordinator for the Development of International Projects” at UniCamillus, is now part of our University. This role will greatly benefit from his valuable international experience and his scientific competencies and will support the University in its expansion also across national borders.

I trust you will join me in an ideal warm welcome to Prof. Guerra, in the hope of meeting us all together in a University alive again with students populating the classrooms.

Gianni Profita,