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The introduction in dentistry of tools such as intraoral, desktop and facial scanners, digital condylographs, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) now makes it possible to acquire all 3D patient data. These data, automatically reprocessed by artificial intelligence software, make it possible to obtain a virtual 3D model of the patient. The “virtual patient” is an essential tool for diagnosis, assisted by artificial intelligence, and for the planning of surgical, prosthetic and orthodontic treatments. The software, together with modern virtual and augmented reality systems (holography), allow you to plan the treatment in 3D and discuss it, even remotely, with the dental laboratory; moreover, they represent key tools for communicating with the patient.

Finally, tools such as milling machines, 3D printers and laser sintering units allow the creation of fixed and removable prosthetic restorations (also supported by implants), models and surgical templates, bite splints, aligners, which are used in the clinic.

Digital technologies transform dentistry, increasing diagnostic accuracy and the appropriateness of therapies. The procedures become “minimally invasive” and “biologically-inspired”: ceramic materials are used, which guarantee exceptional biological and aesthetic performance, and the patient is increasingly at the center of the treatment, thanks to the use of “custom-made solutions.”  Designed and manufactured for the specific anatomical-functional needs of the case.

Master Start Date: May 23


  • Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) International

Theoretical lectures, hands-on and the internship will take place at  Istituto Stomatologico Toscano.

Language: English

Final Certification and Formative Credits:
All candidates who have completed the planned training and passes the final exam will receive a second level Master’s Degree in Digital Dentistry with the assignment  of 60 credits (CFU).

The Master’s program lasts 12 months and includes a total time of 1.500 hours, divided into:

  • practical activity, frontal lectures and seminars;
  • internship (750 hours);
  • study and individual preparation activities including the preparation of the final exam

Attendance mode:
The attendance is mandatory for at least the 75% of the total hours of the Master.
For frontal lectures and seminars (unless otherwise communication) a commitment of 4 sessions of 5 days (from Monday to Friday) is foreseen for the entire duration of the Master.
The total hours of training will be scheduled in accordance with the host structure.

Places available:
A minimum number of 10 students is requested in order to activate the Master. Below the threshold of 15 persons, UniCamillus can unilaterally decide not to activate the Master (with return of any already paid participant fees).
The maximum number of students is 20. 


Module 1: 3D  Data Acquiring

May 2023

• Digital cameras, how to use them and which ones are best for dentistry.

• Goals, which ones to use in the studio.

• Lighting sources and types of flashes, which ones to use.

• Hands on

• 3D radiology: the Cone Beam (CBCT), fundamental principles and clinical applications.

• CBCT and artificial intelligence software: from assisted diagnosis to the virtual patient

• General principles of the optical impression.

• Characteristics of the main scanners on the market.

• Accuracy and precision.

• Scanning technique in fixed prosthesis.

• Scan bodies and scanning techniques in implant prosthesis.

• Optical impression taking in different clinical conditions and with different intraoral scanners + Hands on

• Face scanner + Hands on

• Digital condylography: fundamental principles and clinical applications + Hands on

· Augmented virtual reality: fundamental principles and clinical applications + Hands on


Modulo 2: Digital Prosthodontics

September 2023

• Fixed prosthetic restoration of natural teeth in the digital age: from intraoral scanning to clinical application, passing through the laboratory phases

• The new ceramic materials: mechanical, aesthetic properties and biological behavior

• Fixed prosthetic restoration on implants in the digital age: from single crown to full arch

• New solutions for chairside prosthetic restoration. Fundamental principles and clinical applications + HANDS-ON

• Digital smile design (DSD): fundamental principles and clinical applications + HANDS-ON

• CAM milling and software: fundamental principles and solutions on the market + HANDS-ON

• 3D printing of resins and ceramics: fundamental principles and clinical applications

• 3D printing: HANDS-ON

• 3D printing of metals (laser sintering): fundamental principles and clinical applications. Root-form, subperiosteal, maxillofacial dental implants

• Subperiosteal implants in the treatment of severe atrophies


Module 3 and 4: Digital Guided Surgery

January 2024 / March 2024

• Static guided implant surgery: from the collection of information to the formulation of the diagnosis and treatment plan

• Static guided implant surgery: from the manufacture of surgical guides to clinical execution + HANDS-ON

• Guided implant surgery in complex cases + HANDS-ON

• Guided implant surgery for zygomatic implantology: fundamental principles and clinical application

• Guided zygomatic surgery: HANDS-ON

• Dynamic guided implant surgery: fundamental principles and clinical application

• Dynamic guided implant surgery: HANDS-ON

• Guided bone regeneration with custom-made scaffolds: material biology, fundamental principles and clinical applications + HANDS-ON

• Custom-made meshes in bone regeneration + HANDS-ON


The Master Director is Prof Carlo Mangano (1).

Main Speakers are:

  • Alessandro Cucchi;
  • Mario Imburgia;
  • Henriette Lerner;
  • Giuseppe Luongo;
  • Fabrizia Luongo;
  • Luigi Stefanelli;
  • Carlo Mangano;
  • Francesco Mangano;
  • Fernando Zarone;
  • Matteo Valoriani,
  • Riccardo Scaringi;
  • Adriano Piattelli.


(1) Prof Carlo Mangano

  • MD, DDS,
  • Adjunct Professor of  Digital Dentistry, Dept of Dentali Science
  • University San Raffaele, Milan, Italy
  • Visiting Professor UCAM University of Murcia, Spain
  • Research Professor University of Granada, Spain


One of the following degree titles are required to be admitted to the Professional Master Program (or near graduation by the Master enrolment deadline):

  • Master’s degree and / or specialist degree in dentistry and dental prosthesis;
  • Master’s degree and / or specialist degree in medicine and surgery with specialization in Dentistry or qualification for the practice of dentistry;
  • Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Other candidates who can also apply:

  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree equivalent to those listed above obtained in a foreign University.
  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree obtained abroad and equivalent in duration and content to those listed above.

Should the number of applications for admission exceed the maximum number of places available (20), a selection will be made and a merit ranking will be formulated, established on the basis of the curriculum. In the event of a tie in the last available place in the ranking, the youngest candidate will be admitted.

In case of renunciation of one or more candidates, we will proceed with the scrolling of the ranking.


The application must be submitted via the GOMP student portal following instructions given in the GUIDE by 1st February 2023.

In order to complete your application, you will need to provide the following documents, which will be attached to the portal during the procedure:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum in European format, dated and signed, in PDF format;
  • PDF format of a valid identity document;
  • PDF format of the degree certificate;
  • JPG or PNG format of a personal photo;
  • any additional qualifications you wish to submit for assessment for admission;
  • declaration that you have read the information regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the “protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” (hereinafter also “GDPR”) provided by UniCamillus.
  • photocopy of the tax code or health card (for Italian citizens and foreigners in possession of one);
  • for candidates in possession of qualifications equivalent/equivalent to those required: declaration in lieu of certification, pursuant to art. 46 point m of D.P.R. 28/12/2000, no. 445, certifying the achievement of the qualifications in question, in accordance with current legislation.
  • Payment of first instalment.

For candidates with qualifications equivalent/equivalent to those required:
– Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco issued by the Italian Consular Authority of the country of study (accompanied by transcript of records + copy of the final diploma) or CIMEA Certificate of Comparability accompanied by CIMEA Certificate of Verification (by accessing the CIMEA platform) or Diploma Supplement (if it is a European qualification) issued by the University of origin and legalised at the Italian Embassy of the country of study. Students who submit incomplete documentation will be admitted with reservation and cannot complete their enrolment until all the required documentation has been submitted.

Conditional enrolment will not be accepted due to incomplete documentation or incorrect entry of data on the application form.
Following admission, candidates will have to follow the enrolment procedure following the indications provided in the appropriate guide, which will be sent by email together with the notification of admission to the Master’s course.


Selection Notification

Privacy Form

Study Abroad Declaration



The participation fee is Euro 8.000,00 (+ € 50.00 for revenue stamps) to be paid in 2 equal rates.

  • First rate: Euro 4.000 (+ € 50.00 for revenue stamps)  TOTAL € 4.050,00 by 01/02/2023 (Together with the submission of the application for admission)
  • Second rate: Euro 4.000 by 01/09/2023

If the candidate does not make the payment within the time specified by UniCamillus he will lose the right to enroll/participate.

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