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The diffusion of implantology offers the clinician more and more often the treatment of cases characterized by significant atrophies of the alveolar process. All this has been treated up to now with important reconstructive procedures. The invasiveness of these procedures has today directed clinical practice towards less invasive procedures or, in other words, the search for alternative positioning of implant posts. The aim of the course is to prepare students for advanced management of jaw atrophies starting from an accurate diagnosis to arrive at a rational therapeutic choice that takes into account not only the reconstructive techniques, but also the choice of alternative implant placements.

The Master main partner is the Istituto Stomatologico Toscano.

The official language of the Master will be English.

Start Date: October 2022  


  • Lectures will be held at the Istituto Stomatologico Toscano.
  • The practical Hands on and the internship will be held at: the ISTITUTO STOMATOLOGICO TOSCANO.

Language: English

Final Certification and Formative Credits:

All candidates who have completed the planned training and passes the final exam will receive a second level Master’s Degree in Advanced Implantology with the assignment of 60 credits(CFU) 


The Master’s program lasts 12 months and includes a total time of 1.500 hours, divided into:

  • practical activity and lectures and seminars
  • internship (750 hours);
  • study and individual preparation activities including the preparation of the final exam.

Attendance mode:

The attendance is mandatory for at least the 75% of the total hours of the Master.

For frontal lectures and seminars (unless otherwise comunication) a commitment of 4 session of approximately 5 days is forseen for the entire duration of the Master.The total hours of training will be scheduled in accordance with the host structure.

Places available:

A minimum number of 10 students is requested in order to activate the Master. Below the thershold of 10 UniCamillus can unilaterally decide not to activate the Master (with return of  any already paied partecipant fees)

The maximum number of students is 30


The Master has a theoretical-practical approach aimed at providing a learning on the problems of the surgical and rehabilitation prosthetic phases supporting the implant in cases with bone atrophy.

The teachings that are carried out within Istituto Stomatologico Toscano, aim to provide basic theoretical and methodological knowledge and consist of lectures and practical laboratory activities

The Master’s program includes the following teaching modules:

1st module: Generalities, Bone reconstruction

  • Classification of maxillary atrophies
  • Classification of jaw atrophies
  • Pre-operative evaluations for advanced implantology
  • Diagnosis and instrumental examinations: the CT Cone beam.
  • The stereolithographic model as a diagnostic tool
  • Notions of anesthesia for advanced implant surgery
  • The rational drug treatment in advanced implant surgery
  • Surgical anatomy of the jaw
  • Surgical anatomy of the mandible
  • Basic principles and current techniques of bone reconstruction
  • Alternative anchorages in bone atrophy: nasal, pterygoid, zygomatic, subperiosteal implants
  • Review of the scientific literature on alternative anchors from the beginning to today.
  • Medico-legal considerations in advanced implantology

2nd module: Maxillary sinus – Nasal and pterygoid implants

  • Anatomy and physiology of the maxillary sinus
  • Knowledge of surgical devices

o Piezoelectric surgery

o Magneto-dynamic surgery

  • Sinus surgery with vestibular access
  • Biomaterials for sinus reconstruction
  • Registered and live sinus surgery
  • Crestal approach for sinus surgery
  • The instrumental alternatives for the mini sinus lift
  • Hands-on on sinus surgery techniques
  • Prevention and treatment of complications of sinus surgery
  • Nasal implants: description, indications and contraindications.
  • Anchorage with tilted implants.
  • Literature review and prognostic evaluations
  • Clinical indications for pterygoid and nasal implants.
  • Radiographic study and planning of pterygoid and nasal implants
  • Pterygoid implant: description, indications and contraindications.
  • Computer-assisted positioning of pterygoid implants
  • Nasal implant: description, indications and contraindications.
  • Surgical technique of nasal implants 

3rd module: Zygomatic implants

  • Zygomatic implants: description, indications and contraindications.
  • Intra and extra sinus technique.
  • Surgical procedures: access flaps in zygomatic implant surgery.
  • Identification and isolation of areas at risk: nasal cavities, infraorbital nerve and isolation of the zygomatic area.
  • Description of the instrumentation.
  • Clinical cases and videos.
  • Prevention and treatment of complications.
  • Practice on models.
  • Computer assisted surgery in zygomatic implants
  • Prosthetic aspects in full arch reconstructions supported by zygomatic implants.
  • Hybrid Zygoma and QUAD.
  • 2 days Cadaver Course

4th module: Subperiosteal implants

  • Subperiosteal implants: description, indications and contraindications.
  • Patient selection
  • Preoperative Workup and CBCT Examination
  • Design and Fabrication of the Custom-Made Subperiosteal Implants
  • Surgical and Prosthetic Procedures
  • Clinical Outcomes


The Master Director is Prof. Ugo Covani (1)


(1)  Prof Ugo Covani, MD DDS Professor

Medicine Doctor – Certified in Surgery and in Stomatology

President of Istituto Stomatologico Toscano c/o Versilia general Hospital

Former Full Professor of Dentistry University of Pisa

Visiting Professor Dept. Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) e Universidad Cat ólica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain)

Past-President della Società Italiana di Chirurgia Orale, dell’European Board of Oral Surgery e dell’Italian Academy of Osseointegration

Author of about 300 publications, half of them in international peer reviewed journals and 5 books and as many book chapters


One of the following degree titles are required to be admitted to the Professional Master Program (or near graduation by the Master enrolment deadline):

  • Master’s degree and / or specialist degree in dentistry and dental prosthesis;
  • Master’s degree and/ or specialist degree in medicine and surgery with specialization in Dentistry or qualification for the practice of dentistry;
  • Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery

Other candidates who can also apply:

  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree equivalent to those listed above obtained in a foreign University.
  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree obtained abroad and equivalent in duration and content to those listed above.


The application must be submitted via the GOMP student portal following instructions given in the GUIDE by 10th September 2022.

In order to complete your application, you will need to provide the following documents, which will be attached to the portal during the procedure:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum in European format, dated and signed, in PDF format;
  • PDF format of a valid identity document;
  • PDF format of the degree certificate;
  • JPG or PNG format of a personal photo;
  • any additional qualifications you wish to submit for assessment for admission;
  • declaration that you have read the information regarding the processing of personal data pursuant to articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the “protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data” (hereinafter also “GDPR”) provided by UniCamillus.
  • photocopy of the tax code or health card (for Italian citizens and foreigners in possession of one);
  • for candidates in possession of qualifications equivalent/equivalent to those required: declaration in lieu of certification, pursuant to art. 46 point m of D.P.R. 28/12/2000, no. 445, certifying the achievement of the qualifications in question, in accordance with current legislation
  • Payment of first instalment.

For candidates with qualifications equivalent/equivalent to those required:
– Dichiarazione di Valore in Loco issued by the Italian Consular Authority of the country of study (accompanied by transcript of records + copy of the final diploma) or CIMEA Certificate of Comparability accompanied by CIMEA Certificate of Verification (by accessing the CIMEA platform) or Diploma Supplement (if it is a European qualification) issued by the University of origin and legalised at the Italian Embassy of the country of study. Students who submit incomplete documentation will be admitted with reservation and cannot complete their enrolment until all the required documentation has been submitted.

Conditional enrolment will not be accepted due to incomplete documentation or incorrect entry of data on the application form.

Following admission, candidates will have to follow the enrolment procedure following the indications provided in the appropriate guide, which will be sent by email together with the notification of admission to the Master’s course.



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The partecipation fee is 11.000 € to be paied in 4 intervalls:

  • Instalment 1: Euro 2.500 → by 10/09/2022 (Together with the submission of the application for admission)
  • Instalment 2: Euro 2.500 → by 10/12/2022
  • Instalment 3: Euro 3.000 → by 10/05/2023
  • Instalment 4: Euro 3.000 + Euro 50 DUTY STAMPS = tot Euro 3050 → by 10/07/2023


If the candidate does not make the payment within the time specified by UniCamillus he will lose the right to enroll/participate.

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