March the 8th, Profita (UniCamillus): “Over 70% of our University’s professors, researchers and assistants are women”

“Today we celebrate women with a scientific event that emphasizes gender specificity. We strongly believe that gender differences must be constantly avoided, without ignoring the peculiar aspects of women and men.

Our approach is based on a daily cultural revolution. According to a recent report on gender equality in universities, UniCamillus has a female presence of more than 70% among professors, researchers and assistants.

As a University we are glad of the path we are following, the growth we are experiencing, the message we are sending and how we are moving forward on our journey.

We are looking forward to shortly presenting the healthcare facility that UniCamillus wants to build in one of the countries in the southern part of the world, to which we address to concretely carry out our humanitarian mission”.

This is what Gianni Profita, the Rector of the International Medical University of Rome, UniCamillus, stated at the workshop “The heart of women wins even over the pandemic“.