List of participants in the exam

It is provided the list of participants in the exam:

Physiology I
Information Technology
Human Anatomy I
Histology and Embriology
Molecular Biology
Microbiology (Armenia, Di Caro, Di Cave, Pica)
Biology (Ciccacci, Pacini)

As explained in the previous notices, we remind you that the online sessions will be carried out through the Google Meet platform and that each student will access it with the institutional e-mail account email given to you by UniCamillus in these days (i.e:

It is not possible to enter with another account.

In order to access, the student has to receive the invitation to join on the UniCamillus account.
Then, he/she must click on the link contained in the invitation to join. The system will ask for the consent to use the microphone and the webcam.

Once inside the virtual room, please turn off the microphone; you can turn it on when it is your turn or upon request by the Professor.

It is strongly recommended that you do a test of the gmail account before the exam, to be sure it works.
If you have not received yet the username and password of the institutional UniCamillus account, please contact the Registrar’s Office in due time.

Please Note: regardless of the time schedule, the invitation will be sent to groups of n. 4 students per time. You are required to wait until the call reaches you and check the email often.