Letter from the Rector to the Academic Community

....taking a running start!

Dear students, colleagues and collaborators,

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the tireless work you are carrying out in this difficult moment for the didactic continuity of UniCamillus.
Last Saturday, March 21st, the Prime Minister addressed the Italians with a message aimed at encouraging them in these grievous weeks. He used the metaphorical expression “take a running start” that, I believe, we can make our own in our academic community.
Despite the understandable difficulties, the Ministry, with whom I am in contact together with the Committee of the Rectors of the other Universities, encourages us to carry on and to continue on the path that we have undertaken. Guaranteeing the necessary services to all students is an imperative, even more so for the specific medical mission of our University.
The Decree of the Council of Ministers of yesterday March 22nd, in force from today, confirmed the nature of essential public service carried out by the Universities, being included in the list of activities that must remain active.
Therefore, thanks to the commitment and dedication of our professors and staff, we will keep on providing online lessons, so that our students will not lose even one day of lessons. Likewise, we are about to plan with the same methods also the performance of the exams, in order not to affect the academic year.
No one knows when this emergency will end, in order to see you students again, here at the University. We can’t wait. A University without its students, as it appears to us these weeks, is gloomy and I personally find comfort in knowing that the rate of active participation to the online lessons is almost 100%…clear sign of enthusiasm and good will from your side.
“The sacrifices that today seem a step back, tomorrow will allow us to take a running start and soon return -paraphrasing the Prime Minister in his speech- in our classrooms, in our squares, and into the arms of family, friends, relatives and loved ones”.

Gianni Profita

Rome, 23/03/2020