Green Pass: extended to anyone who “accesses University facilities”

Green light from the Council Chamber to the legislative decree that extends the state of national emergency to December 31st. In the issued text, among the many dispositions there are also new sanitary parameters for the Regional color change and modifications to the Green Pass perimeter, starting from its validity that goes from 9 to 12 months.

Once converted by the Senate, within September 21st, the provision shall subordinate to the possession and presentation of the certification – that certifies the vaccination, the negative swab during the previous 48 hours, or recovery from Covid within 6 months – “anyone who accesses all facilities of scholastic, educational and training institutions” and “anyone who accesses to facilities pertaining to university institutions and of higher education institutions for music and dance, as well as other higher education institutions linked to universities”.

The decree specifies that “children, pupils, students and those who attend regional education systems” are exempt, “with the exception of those who take part in educational programs of advanced technical institutes”.

So, besides employees of external companies, parents, who access facilities to accompany or pick up their children or to participate in meetings and to teacher-parents interviews, will also have to present their certification.

Those who will be found violating dispositions – controls are supervised by School Managers – will be charged a financial penalty from 400 to 1000 euros.

Changes also to the management of access to RSAs. From October 10th vaccination will be mandatory also for external subjects who engage in any activity of any kind in the facilities, besides doctors and nurses.

“To health professionals and operators – it is written in the provision – and to employers working in RSAs will be applied sanctions and the suspension of their job, which means that they will not be paid nor in any other way compensates, and it will maintain its effectiveness until mandatory vaccination or, in its stead, until the national vaccination plan has been completed, and within December 31st, 2021”.

Shall remain in force the disposition of the Green Pass presentation to access indoor public places – such as restaurants, performance venues, gyms, fairs, cultural centers – and to access long-distant public transport services , such as ships, planes and buses that connect more than two regions.