Fluoroscopy study of deglutition in children

by Mirko Santarelli, Professor for the Online Master in Deglutition and Related Disorders at UniCamillus

The fluoroscopy study of deglutition in children is a radiology diagnostic test capable of providing documentary evidence, through radiology diagnostic imaging, on all stages of deglutition.

The test is carried out with the administration of contrast medium, generally baryte if there are no contraindications and, direct acquisition with fluoroscopy.

The study of deglutition with fluoroscopy is able to resolve the diagnostic doubt by returning to the specialist both a morphological imaging, evaluation of the radiological anatomy, and functional imaging, evaluation of the deglutition “mechanics”.

The approach to this study technique, especially in pediatrics, requires strict planning and execution  of the test procedure that exposes the very young patient to ionizing radiation.

Even if the exposure dose is relatively low compared to other diagnostic radiology procedures, the radiation dose should be kept as low as possible depending on the diagnostic result.

Mirko Santarelli is Professor of Speech Therapy of Dysphagia in Children for the I level Online Master in Deglutology and Related Disorders at UniCamillus. 

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