The scholarship

UniCamillus provides a significant number of full or partial scholarships for deserving and highly motivated non-EU students who do not have sufficient financial resources. 

More specifically, the formula in use for the full scholarship is the “loan of honour”, that is completely repaid if, after having achieved the degree, the professional returns to his own country (or in a similar one, agreed on with the university) to practice for at least three years. 

National and international organizations

Scholarships are financed also by national and international organizations engaged in humanitarian activities; they believe in the support to future physicians, nurses, obstetricians and technicians who will address health emergencies that still affect a substantial part of the world.

Procedure for applying

The awarding of a full or partial scholarship is subject to an evaluation process independent from the admission test, but will take into account the ranking achieved in the admission test.

In order to know the procedure for the awarding of a scholarship/loan of Honour please download: