–  Medicine and Surgery                                                            
–  Dentistry and Dental Prosthetic
– Health Professions (Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Biomedical laboratory Techniques, Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques).

Given the current state of health emergency due to the spread of COVID-19, extended until 31 March 2022 by Decree-Law No 221, of 24 December 2021, the recent deterioration of the epidemiological picture, and taking into account the MUR note of 7 January 2022, we hereby inform you that starting from Monday 17 January onward the exams scheduled for January and February will be held online.

The exams can be carried out in both oral and written form, using either Google Meet (for the oral exams) or Google Classroom (for the written exams). The use of these applications is valid only by using the institutional account that the University has already provided you. In case of non-receipt or loss of your login credentials, please contact

Please note that if the written exam is carried out through Google Classroom platform, the latter will be used in combination with Google Meet to ensure that the exam runs smoothly.

The professor will create the meeting room on Google Meet and invite the students involved in the exam. Students should log in with their institutional account to the class created on Google Meet, using exclusively their smartphone and activating the webcam. The professor will proceed with the identification of the student, who must have their own badge or an identity document on hand. The smartphone must then be placed in such a way that the webcam can record both the student and the screen of the PC used during the exam.
The student will subsequently receive an invitation to join Google Classroom, and the exam will then begin. During the exam, the professor can verify the student’s behavior via Google Meet. Where irregularities or anomalies occur, the professor can recall the student or invalidate the exam.

The student is therefore invited to strictly adhere to and meet these provisions.
Please note that if the exam shuts due to any technical problem or bad internet connection, prior to its submission, all data will be lost as the system does not save the answers given. It is therefore the students responsibility to provide themselves with suitable tools and a stable internet connection.

In the event that students do not have a PC or a stable internet connection, they can come to the University on the day of the exam and use a PC or the WiFi network. This service is available on written request, which must be submitted at least 3 days before the exam.

For the correct use of these platforms, the student is invited to consult the guidelines and the tutorials available by going to the “Calendar”, “Exam Calendars” sections of the degree course they are enrolled in at

On the same page, there is also a guideline for the “exam booking procedure” (to be carried out via the Gomp student portal). Without the correct reservation, it is not possible to access the exam session. The student is therefore invited to correctly perform this procedure and to keep the reservation receipt generated automatically by the system upon its completion. In the event of any technical issues during the reservation procedure, the student must promptly inform the appropriate didactic secretariat (e-mail references at the end of this notice).

With regards to the dates of the exam sessions, please consult the appropriate exam calendars.

Once the final examination for the entire integrated course has been completed, the student is requested to view the results and either accept or reject the grade obtained, informing the Student’s Secretariat, which will then proceed to the recording of the results. This procedure will be carried out exclusively via the WebApp: the results will be made available for the students in the “Notice Board” section by the Secretariat. The student must then send a message, again via the WebApp in the “Communications” section, accepting or rejecting the assigned grade. The message must specify both the reference of the course and the grade (for example: “I accept the grade 24/30 in the Human Anatomy exam”).

The student must send the message within 7 days following the publication of the results on the WebApp. If the student does not send the message within this deadline, the grade obtained will not be recorded.

The Secretariat will only communicate the results of the students who have passed the exam. The publication will be in anonymous form by indicating the student’s number. If a student’s number does not appear in the results table, this means that the student either failed the examination or was absent.

Please also note that in order to attend the exam, students must be up to date with their payments. Otherwise, the student will not be able to attend the exam, regardless of whether they have booked it or not.

For any further information with regard to the above, please contact the appropriate Teaching Secretariat by sending and e-mail to: Medicine and Surgery Degree Course Dentistry and Dental Prosthetic Degree Course Health Professions Degree Course

Rome, 12.01.2022

Registrar’s Office