1° LEVEL MASTER – A.Y. 2020/2021

Epidemiology and Telemedicine 4.0



The goal of the Master program is to provide a qualified training for specific competencies in clinical risk management, epidemiological surveillance and control of infections related to the Healthcare services, and on the telemedicine innovative processes, both organizational and technological.

The program provides the healthcare professionals with recommendations on the proper implementation and coordination of the prevention and control measures regarding infection, to limit the spread of the infectious diseases during and after an emergency.


The partner of the Master is CRIS – Cittadella Universitaria Poggiardo

Expected start date: January 30th 2021


The 1° level Master program will be offered with: lectures in presence at CRIS – Cittadella Universitaria Poggiardo (or with didactic methodologies compatible with the current Covid-19 rules) for a total of 230 hours, corresponding to n. 38 ECTS; 25 hours with an online format, via a 24-hours accessible platform, corresponding to n. 10 ECTS; simulations of operational scenarios (Project Work) for n. 4 ECTS; a final exam corresponding to n. 8 ECTS.

Language: Italian

ECTS: 60 (Italian CFU)

Duration: 12 months 

Attendance: Attendance is required for at least 75% of the total amount of the hours of the Master. Lectures and seminars take place one weekend per month. Traineeship schedule is to be arranged in accordance with the host entity.


Didactic Program

Heathcare management and clinical risk management (2 ECTS)

Prevention of the negative events: preparedness and readiness: biostatistics, treatments’ and operational models’ safety; identification of the tools necessary for the implementation of a contact tracing system useful to limit the circulation and spread of the infection (6 ECTS)

Epidemiology, etiology, and prevention of the infections in the hospitals (3 ECTS)

Infections related to the social cares: clinical/social and epidemiological aspects; practices to be carried out and recommended to people for the fiduciary home isolation (5 ECTS)

Targeted interventions: concept of “bundle” (social care services set) (2 ECTS)   correggi italiano: bundle

Psychological aspects: analysis and strategies (2 ECTS)

Telemedicine: medical record and health dossier (5 ECTS)

Healthcare processes modelling and planning of a technological project in the healthcare field (4 ECTS)

Medical consultation, multiparametric monitoring, telematic control; telemedicine in the laboratory diagnostic, diagnostics imaging (4 ECTS)

Telespirometry and telecardiology (5 ECTS)

Teledermatology (5 ECTS)

Tele-rehabilitation (5 ECTS)

FINAL EXAM: after the completion of the lectures, the student will sit for a final test in order to prove the acquired competencies and will have to write a dissertation, under the guidance of a Professor, regarding one of the topics dealt with during the Master, either under a theoretical or under a practical point of view (Project Work) (12 ECTS).



Admission to the Master requires at least one of following typologies of Degree (already achieved or to be achieved by the deadline for the enrolment to the Master):

  • Degree achieved according to the didactic organization system antecedent the D.M. n. 509 of November 3rd 1999
  • Bachelor’s degree achieved under the D.M. 509/99 and the D.M. 270/2004
  • Master’s degree under the D.M. 509/99
  • One-cycle Master’s degree under the D.M. 270/2004.

Candidates can also apply:

  • With a degree equivalent to the abovementioned, achieved under the previous University Didactic Organization System
  • With a foreign degree, that can be considered equivalent to the above mentioned as regards the duration and the contents.

The University reserves the right to allow the admission of candidates with a degree different from the previous ones, anyway in line with the Master educational program.

Admission to the Master may be subject to a selection procedure on the basis of the candidates’ curricula; a ranking will then be published. If a tie occurs for the last favorable position in the ranking, the younger candidate prevails. If one or more candidates renounce their place, the ranking will be scrolled down.


The application must be signed and completed in a clear way, using the form available on the website; it must be submitted by December 8th 2020:

  • In person, at the University’s premises (hours: 9:00 – 1:00 pm, Monday to Friday)
  • Via registered mail, address: Scuola post-Laurea, UniCamillus University, Via di Sant’Alessandro, 8 – 00131 Roma
  • Via e-mail to: unicamillus@pec.it and postlaurea@unicamillus.org (please write in the Object the name of the Master the application is destined to)

The following documents must be sent along with the application form:

  • Curriculum vitae et studiorum, in European format, complete with date and signature
  • Photocopy of a valid ID
  • Copy of the certificate of the Degree achieved **
  • Certificate of any other possible degree that can be relevant for the selection procedure
  • Declaration of having seen the Informative on the Treatment of Personal Data according to art. 13-14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 pertaining “the protection of individuals with respect to the treatment of personal data” (from now on, “GDPR”), provided by UniCamillus
  • Photocopy of the Fiscal code card and Healthcare card (for Italian and foreign citizens who have them)
  • For candidates with a degree equivalent/comparable to the ones required: declaration substituting the certificate, according to art. 46, letter: m) of the D.P.R. 28/12/2000, n. 445, which proves the achievement of the degree, in compliance with the current legislation
  • Declaration of Value released on site by the Italian consular authority of the country of the degree (with the transcript of records + copy of the final degree) or, Certification of Comparability CIMEA together with the certification of Verification by CIMEA (accessing the platform CIMEA) or, Diploma Supplement (if it is a European degree) issued by the University of origin and with a legalization by the Italian Embassy of the country of the degree. Candidates with some missing documents are admitted upon condition and are not allowed to complete the enrolment procedure until all the required certificates are presented.

The list of the eligible candidates, as well as the date and location of the selection procedure will be communicated on the UNICAMILLUS website.



Call for Application


Privacy Policy

Foreign Studies Statement



The enrolment fee for the Master is Euro 7,500* (seven thousand five hundreds/00) to be paid in two instalments of equal amounts:

  • First instalment: Euro 3,750 to be paid by the enrolment deadline, which will be communicated by UniCamillus together with the communication of being eligible for the enrolment
  • Second instalment: Euro 3,750, to be paid by June 30th 2021

If the participant does not comply with the payment deadlines communicated by UniCamillus together with the eligibility for the Master course, he/she will lose his/her place and the ranking will be scrolled down until all the positions are called.

* The payment of the enrolment fees is not subject to V.A.T. according to the Art. 4 of the DPR 633/72, since it is included in the educational offer of the University. After the payment, a receipt will be issued as a proof of the payment.


Scuola post-Laurea

Post-graduation School

UniCamillus – Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences  Via di Sant’Alessandro, 8 – 00131 Rome

Website: www.unicamillus.org 
Tel.: 06 40 06 40  
Certified e-mail: postlaurea.unicamillus@pec.it

Download the Master’s Brochure

Brochure Epidemiologia e Telemedicina 4.0