Donate your 5x1000

Donate your 5 x 1000

The 5×1000 is a portion of the taxes that any tax payer, at no cost, can assign to UniCamillus, and thus contribute to the training of doctors and health workers for developing countries.

Why do you help Unicamillus?

The Saint Camillus International University of Health and Medical Sciences (UniCamillus) has the ambitious goal of training doctors and health care professionals to be able to confront diseases immediately after having graduated. Throughout the program, students pay close attention to diseases found mainly in the southern part of the world, such as malaria, AIDS, TB, and other neglected diseases. Furthermore, the majority of students are at UniCamillus are from non-EU countries. 

Thousands of hospitals in Africa, India, Southeast Asia desperately need doctors, nurses, midwives and medical technicians. UniCamillus uses Italian scientific excellence to establish a university that trains valuable healthcare professionals ready to be global health carriers.

Health has no political nor skin color. Every euro invested in the health of the world is a contribution to the well-being of humanity and to friendship among peoples.

Who does not fill in the tax return can

  • Request the CU model from INPS or their respective employer
  • Fill in the dedicated space (write "2017 tax period", sign in the box "Support for volunteering", write 97962900581 to assign the 5x1000 to UniCamillus and sign at the bottom of the form)
  • Insert it in a sealed envelope with the words "Choice for the destination of five per thousand of the IRPEF", with your surname, name and social security number
  • Deliver it to a post office or bank desk at no cost

Remember to sign the 5×1000 form and write 97962900581 regardless of whether you make the declaration yourself or do it via the CAF. If done with the CAF, you can allocate the 5×1000 to initiatives in favor of UniCamillus.

For more information on how to support our projects, send a mail.