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Nowadays deglutition disorders affect an increasingly important part of the population.
It is important to further explore the field of dysphagia both considering the different causes (gastroesophageal, post-surgical, neurogenic) and the different ages (childhood, adulthood, advanced age).
The graduates in the Master in Deglutology and Related Disorders will be able to plan recovery programs shared with a multidisciplinary team taking into account the individuality of the patient.


The Master aims to train, in a transversal and interdisciplinary perspective, professionals in the field of dysphagia taking into account the different origins and different ages in which this pathology can arise.

The Master aims to provide the learners with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify the problems of dysphagia and investigate its causes; to intervene with counseling actions and a therapy shared with the whole team and the network of expert collaborators and to implement rehabilitation programs for the developmental, adulthood and advanced age by providing a broader view of the pathology in order to be able to intervene with innovative therapies.


The lessons of the Master in Deglutology and Related Disorders will be delivered in e-learning mode; students will have handouts, bibliography and multiple choice self-assessment questionnaires at their disposal.
At the end of each teaching course, students must take online tests before proceeding to the next course.
University credits (CFU) are achieved by passing the final exam, as an assessment of the skills acquired during lessons which consists in writing and presenting a short paper.

The Master curriculum includes a mandatory internship in affiliated health facilities.


Purposes: to understand the mechanisms of deglutition and the connection with the functions of other organs of the human body.

Purposes: to identify the presence of the dysphagic disorder and the degree of complexity of the dysphagia in progress. Following the diagnosis, the most suitable types of rehabilitation interventions will be investigated.

Purposes: to learn the main foundations of Bioethics to manage autonomously problems related to dysphagia; to recognize the ways through which to ensure complete management of the treatment.

Purposes: to evaluate and prepare suitable rehabilitation activities for therapy or therapeutic exercise aimed at guaranteeing the best possible conditions for the patient.


In order to register for the Online Master in Deglutology and Related Disorders, candidates must have:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Therapy
• Other Bachelor’s Degrees in Healthcare Professions
• Master’s Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis
• Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery

Candidates who meet the following requirements can also apply:
• Qualifications with duration and content equivalent to those listed above, achieved according to the previous university system pursuant to Law 1/2002 with the obligation to have an upper secondary school diploma.

It is necessary to submit one of the following documents: Declaration of Value on the spot issued by the Italian consular authority of the country of study (accompanied by transcript of records + copy of the final diploma) or CIMEA Certificate of Comparability accompanied by CIMEA Certificate of Verification (by accessing the CIMEA platform) or Diploma Supplement (if applicable with a European qualification) issued by the University of origin and legalized at the Italian Embassy in the country of study. Those who submit incomplete documentation are admitted with reserve and cannot complete the enrollment until all the required documentation has been submitted.

The University reserves the right to admit candidates with different qualifications but related to the Master curriculum.


Please send an email to


The participation fee is equal to 1,200 Euros *, in addition to 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights.

20% Promo: Until June 30, 2022, the following reduction in the cost of the Master will be applied:

Euros 960*, in addition to 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights.
First installment: 460.00 + 50.00 Euros for secretarial rights within the application deadline
Second installment: 300.00 Euros within 1 month from the Master start date
Third installment: 200.00 Euros within 2 months from the Master start date

* In the event that the candidate does not make the payment within the times indicated by UniCamillus, he/she will no longer be able to access his/her personal student area and the video lessons, self-assessment tests and exams.

**The payment of the registration fees is not subject to the application of VAT pursuant to Art. 4 DPR 633/72, as it is part of the University’s institutional training offer.

Upon payment, a note attesting the payment will be issued.


The master allows an outlet either as a freelance professional or as a collaborator and / or public and private employee in:
institutions for the elderly,
institutions for demented,
institutions for cranic traumatic patients,
institutions for patients with cerebrovascular issues.

Another important area in the deglutology field is that relating to the after-effects of demolition interventions in the cervico-facial area (in particular interventions resulting from oncological pathologies). In these cases, the notions acquired during the master can
be usefully applied in rehabilitation centers dedicated to the functional recovery of the different injured abilities following this type of surgery (usually the deglutological re-education is followed by a re-education of breathing, vociferation, phonetic and communication articulation).
Finally, rehabilitative deglutology finds its application also in patients in developmental age; in fact, it is known that about one third of patients in developmental age have atypical swallowing, which requires rehabilitative treatment; in these cases the master obtained can allow collaborations in the orthodontic field.

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