Covid, over 24.000 cases in the 6-10 age group

The number of children who fell ill with Covid in just over two months has increased by over 24.000. This is what emerges from a study drawn up by the Italian Society of Pediatrics (Sip) and the Association of Italian Pediatric Hospitals (Aopi) which, by comparing the ISS data, recorded the increase only in the 6-10 age group. “From a comparison with the data published by the ISS on August 25th – reads the document – it emerges that in just over two months, only for the 6-10 year age group, there was an increase of 24.398 cases; in addition to the increase in the incidence of cases in all age groups, there is, in particular, a higher incidence in the population aged <12, currently not eligible for vaccination”. In light of what has emerged, pediatricians feel the need not to underestimate the ‘case reports’ of long Covid in the pediatric range, and the 239 cases of Mis-C Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome detected from March 2020 to June 2021.

For this reason, SIP and AIOP share the “recent authorization by the FDA of the Covid-19 vaccine for the 5-11 age group, as a further and valid tool for the prevention of infection and the spread of the pandemic virus within this segment of the population” and “hopes that European and national regulatory bodies will be able to allow Italian children to benefit from this preventive intervention as soon as possible”. “The Covid-19 vaccination will allow children to be able to safely resume all those activities suspended during the pandemic,” says SIP President Annamaria Staiano. “Covid-19 has caused many indirect damage to the pediatric population, from the exponential increase in psychiatric disorders and eating behavior to the so-called covibesity. Pediatricians want to actively participate in the immunization process and collaborate with families and institutions to stop Covid-19”.

For the President of AOPI, Alberto Zanobini, “Covid-19 affects children more mildly than the adult population but the data we have available clearly indicate that coronavirus infection is not without risks also for the pediatric age. This is why we believe it is appropriate to take advantage of all the opportunities that scientific research makes available to protect the little ones, including vaccines, in the best possible way”.

Observations that come at a time of renewed vigor of the contagion curve. The monitoring of the Covid-19 epidemiological trend of the Control Room photographs a rise in the Rt index in Italy, which is expected at 1.21 (with a range between 1.08 and 1.31) in the period October 20th – November 2nd, increasing compared to the previous week and stably above the epidemic threshold.

The weekly incidence of Covid-19 cases, nationwide, continues to increase, reaching 78 cases per 100.000 inhabitants in the period November 5th-11th, compared to the previous week in which it was 53 cases per 100.000 inhabitants. And while in Italy all the Regions are classified at moderate risk, Friuli Venezia Giulia has a high probability of progression at high risk. There was also a sharp increase in the number of new cases not associated with transmission chains (11.001 compared to 8.326 in the previous week). A potentially dangerous scenario, which could be averted precisely with the booster recall for citizens over 40, starting next December 1st, and the extension of vaccination to children, once the EMA’s okay.