Council of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine

The UniCamillus Council of the Departmental Faculty of Medicine is made up of:

  • The Principal
  • Professors
  • Type A and Type B researchers
  • Lecturers (can attend with advisory voting rights)
  • The following student representatives***:

– Giorgia Bonavita (BSc Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques)
– Paola De Franceschi (BSc Physiotherapy)
– Francesco De Stefano (MSc Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics)
– Massimo Linarello (MSc Human Nutrition Sciences)
– Oriji Kalu Princess Nnena (BSc Nursing)
– Giuseppe Pafundi (BSc Biomedical Laboratory Techniques)
– Michele Passaro (MSc Medicine and Surgery)
– Giuseppe Vitello (BSc Midwifery)

***Student Representatives can attend the meetings of the Council with the right to speak and provide suggestions only on matters concerning students; they are excluded from the counting of votes concerning the validity of the session and deliberations.