Coronavirus Emergency, updated 03/03/2020

As regards the coronavirus emergency, UniCamillus follows the updates and complies with the ministerial and regional decrees.
The last Decree of the President of Lazio Region of February 26, 2020 states that:

7.      Anyone who has entered Italy in the last 14 days after having been in the areas under epidemiological risk, as identified by the World Health Organization, or in the Italian towns where there is evidence of the local virus diffusion (attachment 2; the update will be available on the Ministry of Health and Lazio Region official websites), must notice the event to the Department of Disease Prevention of the Hospital competent for his/her area of domicile (attachment 3) which inform the general Practitioner (MMG, Medico di Medicina Generale) or the pediatrician of choice (PLS, Pediatra di Libera Scelta) who has the person/s as his/her patient/s.

Further provisions for the enactment of the Decree Law of February 23rd, 2020 n. 6, regarding urgent actions for the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency by COVID-19 remind the following hygienic measures (attachment 4):

a) wash the hands frequently. It is recommended to make available idroalcoholic solutions for the hands’ cleaning in all the public spaces, gyms, supermarkets, drugstores and other places of aggregation;
b) avoid close contact with people affected by severe respiratory diseases;
c) do not touch the eyes, nose or mouth with the hands;
d) cover the mouth and the nose when sneezing or coughing;
e) do not take antiviral or antibiotic drugs, if not prescribed by the Doctor;
f) clean the surfaces with chlorine- or alcohol-based products;
g) use the mask only if sick or when assisting ill people.

UniCamillus contributes, together with the competent authorities, to the publicity of the essential rules for hygiene and prevention, available also on the Ministry of Health website.
Those who are under the circumstances stated in point 7. are therefore required to stay away from the University for at least 14 days starting from the day they have come back from China of starting from the day they have come back in Rome after having been in the Italian towns affected by the contagion. They are also required to inform the Secretariat by a phone call to the dedicated number 06 40 06 40 76.
Please refer to the UniCamillus website or to the dedicated number for updates about the prescriptions.