Training course

Training course for the admission test to Medicine and Surgery for EU students

It is an intensive test preparation course.

The course is addressed to students wishing to access the Medicine and Surgery courses in Italian state universities, whose national admission test will take place in September.

Nevertheless, it is also addressed to all those students who intend to prepare themselves in advance for the 2020 admission test at our University. As is well known, the UniCamillus Medicine and Surgery intakes for the academic year 2019-2020 have already been carried, but we believe that it is important to prepare to the admission test for the academic year 2020-2021 (which will be held in spring of 2020) well in advance, starting from this summer.

The preparation course, which will follow the ministerial program – that is identical for all public and private universities – aims at providing future medical students with an integrated and specific test preparation methodology.

The admission to the course has been extended to the students of the fourth year of upper secondary school. The admission test to Medicine is demanding. Tackling the preparation for the test after high school graduation often means not having enough time. Getting in touch early with the topics of the test, its simulation, getting a clear idea of the course of studies in medicine, can be the best choice in order to cope, easily and without uncertainty, with the choices following the high school diploma.

Topics object

During the course the following test topics will be addressed:
  • Logical reasoning, problem solving and reading comprehension;
  • Scientific topics (biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics);
  • Specific humanitarian mission of the University UniCamillus.
  • The course also focuses on the psychological aspects, helping the student to deal with the test with higher self-confidence, managing his emotions and enhancing his potential.

UniCamillus Opportunities

Test training course

The course is not taught by technicians, but by the physicians who teach at UniCamillus.

Attending the training course at UniCamillus, as well as preparing for the admission test, represents an excellent opportunity for living the university life and get in touch with students and professors, as well as giving a comprehensive overview of the meaning of studying medicine and surgery, the specialization paths and the job opportunities in Europe and in the world. In UniCamillus the teachers themselves, all top-level specialists of medical sciences, train the participants, share their experiences, answer every question, lead the student through the maze of choices and opportunities offered by the course of studies in Medicine and Surgery.


For further infos and to know the date of the next session please contact us at



For further infos and to know the date of the next session please contact us at