Intensive Training course for the Medicine and Surgery admission test

The TRAINING COURSE FOR MEDICINE & SURGERY ADMISSION TEST is a recurrent UniCamillus initiative aimed at preparing students for the admission test to the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery.

It is an intensive test (from Friday to Sunday) preparation course for the Medicine and Surgery admission test for EU students.

The preparation course, which follows the ministerial program – that is identical for all public and private universities – aims at providing future medical students with an integrated and specific test preparation methodology.


It is an intensive course aiming at preparing EU students that wish to take part in the admission test for the Medicine and Surgery degree course.

The course lasts 3 days in the weekend ( Friday-Saturday)

The course will address the admission test topics:

  • Logical reasoning, problem solving and reading comprehension;
  • Scientific subjects (Biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics);
  • The specific humanitarian vocation of the university.


In addition to the institutional programs, topics related to the specific humanitarian mission of UniCamillus are illustrated.

The course program also focuses on the psychological aspects helping the student to face the test more safely, dealing with the emotions and enhancing his/her potential.

Attending the campus is an excellent opportunity to breathe university life.

During the course, a complete vision is given of what it means to study medicine, what the specialization paths are and what the prospects of professional commitment are.

Duration: 3 days (Fri-Sat)

Where: Campus Universitario UniCamillus – Via di Sant’Alessandro 8, Rome

Course language: English

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