A complete training course for human nutrition professionals will begin at UniCamillus

Providing knowledge on the characteristics of food, on the effect they produce on the state of one’s health, the acknowledgment of each nutrient’s composition, and hygiene safety: these are some of the skills that graduates in the Human Nutrition Sciences Program will have to acquire during the new study course launched from the UniCamillus International Medical University of Rome.

The goal is to train professionals who are able to move within the public health system as well as the research or business arena. The Program, which can be followed remotely to allow those who have daily commitments or a professional activity, aims to provide a solid scientific training that is a strong element within the University’s medical vocation.

Thanks to the study of clinical disciplines, it will be possible to deepen aspects related to pathologies of nutritional component or genesis; to understand the role of foods and dietary regimes in different physiological states; and to study how to prevent chronic-degenerative diseases.

In the technological and agri-food management area of the course, for example, skills will be provided to learn about the composition of food, the techniques for processing and preserving food.

Graduates, who will be able to enroll in the Professional Order of Biologists, will have access to professions in the area of public health; in research institutes; in food, dietary, pharmaceutical, catering companies or simply to work as freelancers.

Furthermore, the UniCamillus training plan includes specific masters that will allow professional to expand their knowledge and skills. The second-level master in Plant Nutrition and Plant-food Nutrition aims at training experts in plant nutrition and to prepare learners on the medical-scientific aspects of the 100% vegetable diet.

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