Training Courses

UniCamillus University (Saint Camillus International University of Health Sciences) offers the 24 ECTS Training Courses aimed at acquiring 24 ECTS in the Anthropological, Psychological, Pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies, by choosing at least three of the four available courses. These courses are valid as entry requirements for the National Public Exams based on Qualifications and Exams (Legislative Decree No. 59 of April 13, 2017 and Ministry of Education (MIUR) Decree 616 of August 10, 2017).

24 ECTS Training Courses will NOT be online courses.

Training Offer

Single Courses


Area A: Pedagogy, special pedagogy and
Didactic of inclusion

Special Didactic9
M-PSI/04Area B: PsychologyPsychology of learning9
M-DEA/01Area C: AnthropologyCultural Anthropology9
M-PED/04Area D: Teaching methodologies and technologiesTheory and methods of didactic planning and evaluation9

Price for 27 ECTS: 490 €

Upon completion of the course, UniCamillus University will certify the achievement of the planned educational purposes. It will also indicate the teachings and other educational activities included in the study path, in addition to the relevant disciplinary sectors, marks and ECTS acquired. Students will also have the possibility to require a pertinent certification issued according to paragraph 5 of Article 3 of Ministerial Decree No. 616 of August 10, 2017.

Those holding a Bachelor’s Degree, a four-year Degree, a Master’s Degree or an equivalent Degree (with appropriate documents proving the equivalence) can access the “24 ECTS Training Courses”.

Exceptionally, those holding only a Secondary School Diploma and with the possibility of accessing public exams concerning high school (laboratories, technical-practical teaching, etc…) may also participate.

Exam calendar 2022

1st Session May 2022

Examination procedures

The test is written and is structured with multiple choice and open questions.

The test of ALL 3 (Three) TEACHINGS will take place on the SAME DAY.

Application procedure

The application procedure is present on the dedicated page.