List of open positions:

Type B researcher, 3 fixed-term positions:

  • No.1 Researcher - General and Applied Hygiene, Nursing Sciences and Medical Statistics, SSD Med/45.
  • No.1 Researcher - Applied Physics, Didactics and History of Physics, SSD Fis/07.
  • No.1 Researcher - Medical Genetics, SSD Med/03.

Type A researcher, 4 fixed-term positions:

  • No.1 Researcher - Microbiology and Clinical Microbiology, SSD Med/07.
  • No.1 Researcher - Histology, SSD Bio/17.
  • No.1 Researcher - Sciences of Health Professions and Applied Medical Technologies, SSD Med/47.
  • No.1 Researcher - Applied Biology, SSD Bio/13.

The deadline for the applications for admission is 9 September 2018.

Please check the Call page for further details and to download the calls.