The law allows you to donate a 5x1000 of the taxes to universities.

UniCamillus has the mission to fight the sanitary plagues of the less developed countries. This turns into the implementation of research projects focused on HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and, above all, Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), as well as in the training of medical doctors coming from all over the world, who will be able to understand and defeat these pathologies.

As the deadline for the annual Income Declaration is approaching, you can state UniCamillus as the beneficiary of your 5x1000 and help us with the commitment in favour of those in need for medical assistance and in the research and treatments of pathologies that kill thousands of lives every year.

The donations will fund scholarships and degree awards for students with merit or coming from remote countries and will also provide for the improvement of the infrastructure and of the biomedical research.

To give 5x1000 to UniCamillus you have to type the fiscal code and sign in the designated box in the Income Declaration.

UniCamillus Fiscal Code: 97962900581