Registrar's Office
In December the Registrar's Office will be open on Monday and Wednesday from 1pm to 5pm.

Offices will be closed from December 22nd , 2018 until January 1st, 2019 for Christmas Holidays.


Uniform Notice

Please notice that it is necessary for students to have a proper uniform for their internships at health structures. UniCamillus has defined a standard uniform: white cotton, red border and the University logo on the side pocket. Students can acquire the uniform on their own, as long as it meets the UniCamillus standards; or opt for the uniforms provided by Macchia Nera srl (via Campo Marzio 49, Roma). Macchia Nera srl will be present on campus on Wednesday, December 12th, from 1pm. Please see the attached document with detailed information about the prices and packages for the students. 

Certificate of specific professional suitability
Students enrolled at UniCamillus should be reminded that it is necessary to deliver the Certificate of Specific Professional Suitability, as stated in the Call for Application to the Degree Courses for the academic year 2018 / 2019.

In order to meet the difficulties posed by many students in obtaining this certification, UniCamillus has activated an agreement with the Policlinico Tor Vergata di Roma.

Please note that students can obtain the Certificate of Specific Professional Suitability independently, however, if you prefer to take advantage of the opportunity offered by UniCamillus will have to provide the following clinical test on your own, either in a public or private institution:

• Routine blood tests (Blood sugar, Azotemia, Transaminase, Gamma GT, Complete blood count)
• TBC test (mantoux or quantiferon test)
• HBV test (HBs-Ag; Anti-HBs / HBsAb; Anti-HBc)
• Test for HCV (Anti-HCV)
• Photocopy of the vaccination book showing immunization for measles, rubella and mumps with two doses of MPR (alternatively titre IgG antimorbillo, IgG anti-rubella, IgG anti-mumps)
• Anti-varicella IgG or certificate from the attending physician certifying chickenpox

The medical examination will be carried out at UniCamillus by a Physician in charge of the Department of Occupational Medicine at the Policlinico di Tor Vergata in Rome and will have a cost of €50,00. 

Interested students can book the medical visit by sending an e-mail to office@unicamillus.org and the date and time of the visit will be communicated to you. 

NEW WI-FI ACCESS RULES Unicamillus_Studenti

To connect to the UniCamillus WI-FI (Unicamillus_Studenti) it is necessary to carry out the following authentication process individually:

Username: your surname without any apostrophies nor spaces and the first letter must be capitalized; in case of two last names, both first letters must be capitalized (e.g. DelSavio, RomanoGargarella, DUrzo).

Password: the last 8 letters of the fiscal code must be capitalized.

In case of problems with the connection, you can send an email to datacenter@unicamillus.org indicating your name-surname-Degree Course and the problem.

It is strictly forbidden to use the personal credentials of others.

Thanks for your cooperation.